The Parking Games

parking police
Parking Police (photo via Flickr/Axion23)

“I hate parking at Bennett, it always takes forever to find a good spot,” was the anthem of my freshman year of college. Now I consider myself lucky to find a “bad” parking spot. Being on the Equestrian team I am often pressed for time, running from practice straight to class. My friends and I are known for driving around the parking lot until we find the other’s car…then sitting there and waiting until the other gets out of class and quickly take their spot, hoping to make it to class on time (we have this down to a science).  Parking has almost turned into the 77th Hunger Games, it’s every man for himself in that parking lot.

When I bought my $120 parking permit I thought I would always be guaranteed a spot…boy was I wrong. Illegally parking is not uncommon on this campus.  That is seen in the enormous amounts of money the university makes off parking tickets. “How much do they make?” you ask…around $300,000. This combined with the increasing cost of parking permits; the university is making millions of dollars each year. That is impressive. At least all of this money is going towards building us new parking garages, hopefully they are worth the chaos known as parking at OSU.