Honoring Rosemary

Emma Stone is obviously a well known actress.  She has had major roles in films like The Help, Easy A and Spiderman.  Stone has excelled in each one of these films.  She takes on each role with ease, having the ability to go from sad to funny to serious without any trouble. Her newest film Letters from Rosemary has a more serious theme than some of her other movies.  This new movie is about a member of the Kennedy family we don’t hear about…Rose (Rosemary) Kennedy.  Rose was sister to John, Bobby and Ted Kennedy.  Her behavioral issues and other disabilities made her the “family secret.”


Emma Stone (Photo via Flickr/Steve Rogers Photography)

This movie aims to share the story of this secret family member, who is known for inspiring Eunice Shriver’s founding of the Special Olympics. Even though not much is known about Rosemary Kennedy, writers and producers believe they will be able to develop a character to most accurately portray who Rosemary was.  And who better to take on this role than Emma Stone?


False Allegations


peyton manning
Photo via flickr/Jeffrey Beall

When I think of Peyton Manning, I think of a man who has his life together, a man with his priorities straight.  I think of someone who has a strong set of morals and values and someone that young athletes would and should look up to.

The allegations that he sexually assaulted a Tennessee trainer 20 years ago just does not seem like something a man of his character would do.  Now, I know people do things out of character all the time, or there are not who people think they are…but I do believe that Manning is 100% who he says he is.  It is unfortunate that after celebrating such a milestone in his life after his retirement from football that these allegations suddenly appeared.

USA today’s Lindsay H. Jones writes that Manning is denying the allegations of sexual assault, and is quoted saying, “I think it is sad that some people don’t understand the truth and the facts.”