Love It or Lawsuit

Home in Progress (Photo via Flickr/Charles & Hudson)

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE HGTV…Fixer Upper and Love It or List It are my favorite shows.  Watching these people transform houses that are complete dumps into immaculate homes is so fascinating to me.  I like to think everyone loves their new home and their reactions are 100% genuine when they see the finished product. Unfortunately, not everyone loves the final product on these shows.  A recent law suit involving the show Love It or List It is the result of a couple not loving their new home.

Deena Murphy and Timothy Sullivan filed a law suit against Big Coat TV, the company that produces the show Love It or List It.  The complaints with the law suit include the show being scripted and cheap work on the home.  It is also said that the company kept part of the money Murphy and Sullivan paid for themselves, not giving it to the contractor like they were supposed to…not to mention the contractor is apparently an actor.  This is not something I like to hear about of my favorite shows.