As I looked back on this semester in Ethics and Issues in Mass Communication I realized how much I have learned and enjoyed this class.  It was a challenging class but that made it much more enjoyable.

Before taking this class I had no idea that there was a process that you could use to make ethical decisions.  I honestly thought that there was either a right decision or a wrong decision.  The Potter Box enlightened me on a whole new way to get a perspective on making ethical decisions.  It made me realize that there are multiple decisions that are “right” but there are things about those decisions that could cause harm.  It has also taught me that making ethical decisions is not black and white like I thought.

The first step in the Potter Box is to define the situation/case.  Then you move to the values section and define the values you see as important in the situation.  Third, you state what ethical principles apply to the case.  Finally, you state your loyalties that you have in regards to the case.

I think going through this process is important because it protects you from making rash and uneducated decisions that you could regret.  Going through this process allows you to take time to think through things and make the best decision possible.

In whatever profession I choose, whether it be copywriting, public relations or anything in those departments, I think it is important to go through this process.  Going through this process allows you to make the most ethical decision for you and those you are representing.  It can help you handle a crisis situation in the best way possible and help keep a good reputation.

I will for sure use this method and what I have learned in this class in my career and day to day life.  I think what I have learned is extremely important and that everyone should take a class that teaches them about this process.

I really enjoyed this class and I am glad that I took it!


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